iPad- Professional business tool, cool accessory or family toy?

by useyouriPad on September 7, 2011

3 quick scenarios: You justified buying an iPad “for work” and 1) Now you never take it to work because the family uses it too much 2) You take it to work for the “cool factor” and you really just read articles or take notes on it and 3) You just don’t know how you can use it for your business.

It’s time to take back the iPad and actually use it to enhance your business by reducing costs and increasing the professionalism you provide to your clients. If  your just carrying it around to be cool – Stop and learn. In my Real Estate business I have reduced basic printing costs by an average $55 per month. I have reduced my gas costs by at least $75 per month and I can’t measure the time I have saved using the iPad to sign a quick document and send it back to the Title Company or Brokers office to close a deal while I am still out in the field showing homes to new clients.

Knowing how and when to use the iPad presents several situations to confirm you are a Professional using a tool instead of being “Cool” by carrying it around. If you use the iPad correctly it will enhance your customers experience and allow your clients to see you as a professional which is worth far more than the initial cost. Imagine sending a contract in without going back to the office to prepare the docs or having a customer pay you and get a receipt and the invoice of work done immediately directly on the iPad. Not to mention the presentations that you can show on a projector or large TV or in person directly off the iPad.  I vote that the iPad is a business tool first and foremost! Ok, I also will admit that my team alerts on ESPN are cool and Flipboard is fun reading as well. have some fun – but be professional and earn more!

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