Printing on iPad

by useyouriPad on September 11, 2011

This was the most frustrating thing that I had to learn on an iPad! Without the proper printer it is difficult and sometimes impossible to print directly off the iPad. There are apps that allow you to print (Printer Pro and PrintCentralPro). They will work sometimes and sometimes they do not. When in someone else’s office you will have to access their network and get codes etc in some situations. Not really practical or professional. Solution when not in your office – Email it to someone where you are and have them print it.

The best way to print from the iPad is to buy an HP printer with AirPrint. AirPrint lets you wirelessly print photos, email, web pages, and documents from your iPad to any AirPrint-enabled printer. Now, how to find an HP printer with AirPrint. Most of the boxes for HP promote their ePrint but some that do have AirPrint do not even have it on the box. The model that I bought had a very small area on the back of the box that mentioned AirPrint. Most people you ask do not know what you are talking about either! So, get a new hp from $69.00 Р$399.00 and print away on your iPad!

We have printed wirelessly from almost every App and there are no problems with the AirPrint solution.

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