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by useyouriPad on September 17, 2011

Ok, so you have signed up for zipForm Mobile to use on your iPad. Usually you get an app icon to put on your screen when you buy an app to use on the iPad. However, zipForm Mobile is a program for real estate professionals to interface to their zipForm online contract software and does not come with an icon.

Client question  I paid for the mobile app and got a log in, but I don’t know how to get the app to my iPad. Is it just a webpage that I go to from Safari or is there an icon that I should see on my iPad?

Answer: Part A – It is strange and not apparent but the answer is yes it is a webpage that you access your online contract software through Safari. Part B – An icon can be obtained once you are in the program you can select the bookmark button (square and Arrow button next to URL entry)  and then select the add to home screen bar. The Add to home will allow you to type the zipForm Mobile label and the add it to your home screen on the iPad.

Hope this helps your iPad experience! – S

ZipForm Mobile for iPad

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John March 27, 2012 at 9:24 pm

ZipForm Mobile for iPad is a screwy work around. Thankfully, I bought in to this towards the end of their contract year so they prorated my subscription to $6 and change.
It WILL NOT WORK if you have Private Browsing activated in you Safari preferences. And about every time they update or make a change to a form it is unaccessible on the iPad. So, you can not go back to make a change on a form that is over – let’s say – 6 months old.
They keep a version number on their end and obviously when one form is updated all the forms from that state get a new version number.
Most older version numbers will not display on the iPad.


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