iOS5 and iPhone 5 release date rumors finally over – Apple Announcement Oct 4th

by useyouriPad on September 28, 2011

Finally the “let’s talk iPhone” announcement will be held by Apple on October 4th. We hopefully will find out about the new iPhone  5 or new iPhone 4 version. In addition I am hoping for iOS5 release dates that will have a large impact on the iPad. The tech sites and bloggers have been focusing in on October 12th for the new iOS 5 release and October 14th for the new iPhone 5 release date. Still just rumors at this time but there are several interesting items pointing to these dates. Apple has restricted vacation days on the weekend of the 14th etc. Impact on the iPad —-Starting tomorrow we will begin a daily article of iOS 5 changes for the iPad.  See category New iOS 5 Features for the iPad for a couple already written changes. Any questions please call our new iPad Phone line 602-714-7456.

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