Should I get an iPad for Christmas?

by useyouriPad on December 14, 2011

The simple answer is, YES get an iPad for Christmas. Hopefully, there will be an iPad present under the tree for you! If not at least we can show you how the iPad will pay for itself in your business very quick. The following discussion on tablets will assist you in your choice of the iPad for your Christmas present!

There are many tablet choices available for you to purchase. From Blackberry’s Playbook ¬†and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 to the Kindle Fire and Nook it gets a little confusing. Especially when there are low cost choices that have entered the market. Take the Kindle Fire and Nook out of your search. They lack the technology specs, no 3g connection, to do business right on them but they are excellent for entertainment purposes.

The Blackberry and any other 7 inch screen take out of your search as not very good for business apps. It also has features only available when pairing the blackberry phone.

That leaves us with Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1: android based it is the closest competitor to the iPad 2 available. Although hailed as the closest competitor to the iPad in many trade and tech magazines the Samsung Galaxy has never been named the best tablet of choice that I could find.

There are other choices, ASUS and Sony make nice tablets but the question is what apps and what support do they have?

The iPad has Apple support behind it, there are 140,000 plus apps for the iPad, the battery life is excellent and 17-20% of US homes have an iPad. Thats 1 out of every 5-6 client households have an iPad. The iPad is being used by businesses, schools, mainstream media and football teams to manage the game.

Ask people what tablet they want and they want an iPad. You need the iPad for business because it will save you time and money while enhancing customer service . I can show you the app for that.

iPad – Winner! Yes you should get an iPad for Christmas but get one for your business to thrive next year. Have a great Holiday season.



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