iPad Tip 2012 #1 Synch your iPad to get latest version of OS 5

by useyouriPad on January 24, 2012

You friends are all discussing how they use the iPad like split keyboards, settings that allow you to use the toggle switch to lock the rotation of your iPad and 200 other changes that came with the latest version of OS 5 for the iPad. How do you check to see if your iPad have these features?

First we check the settings: go to Settings – General – About now look a little more than one-half way down where it say’s version. The latest version is: 5.0.1.

If you have anything less than 5.0 then you will have to connect to your computer and go through your  iTunes account to get the latest version. WARNING! This may take a few hours depending on how long it has been since you updated your iPad.

If you have 5.0 but not 5.0.1 then just go to Settings- General- Software update and tap software update. This will take a few minutes.

By not updating your iPad you will not realize the full use of the iPad available to you. You will also not be able to use the apps that are updated and changed to work with the latest versions of the iPad.  So SYNCH you iPad now!

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