iPad Tips 2012 – #2 Using Spotlight Search on your iPad

by useyouriPad on January 24, 2012

Spotlight Search – This is perhaps the best productivity tool for iPad (and iPhone). The Spotlight search screen can be found on your main screen by placing your finger on the screen and swiping to the right. See picture below. Once here you can search anything on your iPad fast. For example: type in a name that you know has a contact and an email or appointment with their name. See how it comes up with their Contact, their emails and their calendar appointments fast. You can now tap the item you were looking for and go directly to it. Why would you ever go into contacts to then type a name when you can use your front screen fast.

The order that the search works in can be found by going to Settings – General – Spotlight Search. Grab the 3 bars on the right and drag them into the order you wish it to search. I suggest at least Contacts, Mail, Messages, Events, and then what ever you wish from there.

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