iPad Tips 2012 – #3 Yes, you need a Stylus!

by useyouriPad on March 5, 2012

Why do I need a stylus? Good question. I know a feature of the IPad is to use your finger/hand to navigate it. Most of the time this is fine and actually easier to use. However, I have seen iPad trainers advertise they will teach you how to sign with your finger; Really? Let me explain why this is not a good idea. If you live in Phoenix you will be having your client Bob with you to sign a contract after looking at homes or completing a project. Well, it is August and Bob is sweaty. Personally I do not want his fingers spreading his sweat on the iPad. I have had it happen and it is not very nice. Bob’s wife Betty – really long fingernails make it difficult to sign with her finger. Ok so we got it- no sweaty fingers or signing with nails.┬áNow let’s talk Professionalism. My turn for a question: Is it professional for you to have people sign with their fingers? The answer should be no.

We are finally starting to see a selection of useful styli for you to use with your iPad. There are several choices from $40 ones with laser pointers to $12.99 ones at Walmart. There does not seem to be a difference between any of them. TIP: Do not buy the one at Apple that does not have a round rubber tip. If you wish to purchase one directly from us you may purchase our black Pen/Stylus combination for $15.00 (Includes postage). Contact us for more information.

Useyouripad.com Stylus

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