New iPad 3 announcement – features and on sale date – March 16th

by useyouriPad on March 7, 2012

The iPad 3 was announced today at the Apple Special Event. Apple believes the new iPad redefines the tablet category. It is on sale now and will be available on March 16th. See below for some notes from the announcement.

New Features:

  1. Retina Display – A) Enhanced resolution at every level. B)2048×1536 pixels or 3.1 million pixels which is 1 million more than HDTV C) 44% Color Saturation D) New A5X with Quad Core Graphics
  2. New iSight Camera – 5 mega pixel, Advanced optics with iR filter, Auto focus, exposure and white balance, Face detection.
  3. HD Video Recording – 1080p HD Video recording, video stabilization, noise reduction and perfect for retina display.
  4. New Voice Dictation available – New microphone key on the keyboard to use when you wish to dictate, emails, notes blogs etc.
  5. 4G LTE Next Generation Wireless – New high speed wireless feature also has option for hotspot from your carrier.
There will be several updates to existing Apps that will enhance your interaction with the new iPad 3. iPhoto and iMovie have been updated to provide new features. Gaming experiences will be greatly enhanced with the speeds and display available.
The base price for 16G wifi iPad2 was $499. The new pricing is the same as iPad 2! The iPad 3 with 4g starts at $729. Same as iPad 2. So decision os to buy new one or get great price on iPad 2. The iPad 2 is now priced at $100 less than iPad 3 at $399 and 3G version $200 less at $529.
Questions about iPad 3?  
1) Battery life? – Still 10 hours and 9 hours on 4G!
2) Siri? – Not yet. It is still in Beta with iPhone 4s.
3) Should I buy iPad 2 or iPad 3?  I would still own the iPad 1 if i didn’t need the mirroring capabilities. The decision is can you afford it? The new 4G LTE, graphics and camera are very nice. As far as business goes I can still do contracts on any of them efficiently and at 4g speeds with my personal mi-fi hotspot. All comes down to $ available and can you withstand the iPad envy? Good luck and ask questions as needed.
More to come as we test the new one out.

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