iPad Envy – iPad3

by useyouriPad on March 22, 2012

Ok so the new retina screen is fantastic and the high speed 4gLTE I want, even though I have it on my mifi card. The new iSight camera is also nice but I still can use my iPhone with iCloud. Do I want it – YES. Do I need it – No. Not for the business applications that I want it for. I was content with the iPad 1 and still would be if I did not use the iPad 2 for training. I am using the iPad for my business more each day. It is a great tool and will never do without it. excited for my clients that waited for the new iPad to come before purchasing. They will have to watch the rate that the 4G speeds download data in order to not go over their rate plans.

For those of you that do not have the iPad 3 – it’s ok to be envious but smile and know you are ok with your iPad 1 and 2!

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