Buying a new iPad – Questions

by useyouriPad on April 11, 2012

These questions have been asked many times so I thought I would answer for all: 

Client: I have been to one of your classes and I am getting ready to purchase my first I-Pad. I have some questions…

Q: Where would you suggest buying the iPad? Apple? Phone Carrier?
A:  I would buy directly from Apple. Even if you are getting a 4G version.

Q: Do they still sell the I-Pad 2? Q: Do you suggest going with the new I-Pad ?
A: Yes iPad2’s are available and are $100 less than the new iPad. If you are on a budget you could find them used at lower prices on the Internet or ask friends as many people are upgrading.  See iPad Envy article for more. If you have the money I suggest paying the extra dollars for the new iPad as the camera upgrade alone is worth it but the new chip increases speeds and uses the screen better.
A: Answer part 2 – Consider the new iPad 4G LTE version as it will allow you to hotspot off of it and always be connected as well. I would use this set up so I could use my laptop when needed on the 4G LTE. WiFi only you have to be concerned about security unless you hotspot off of phone  – then can you use your phone?
A: Answer part 3 – Consider the amount of storage you want to have. Consider Music, Videos and Photos. These are what kills storage. With Photo Stream you do not need to store Photos on the iPad. I use a 32 GB model and I have plenty of space with 500+ songs, 190 videos and 300+ photos. I could remove all of the videos and most of photos if I needed the space. With the better camera in the  new iPad it will take more space so choose wisely.
Q: Should I buy an iPad Mini?
A: Yes for kids or home reader use. NO FOR BUSINESS! Would you print a 7″ contract for a client to sign?
Q: Should I pre-purchase additional items as well? Cover, etc.?
A: I will answer this in parts – Warranty – I would look into Apple Care as it includes accidental incidents as well as repair. Accessories: I currently have a protective screen cover from Ghost Armor (locations at kiosks in the mall). Other covers are varied and I will do another article soon. The magnet cover at Apple is dangerous by itself as it comes off easily and I know clients that have had it happen and broke their iPad. There is a back cover that works well with this made by Speck and Walmart had it. It keeps that cover from coming off. Consider this cover sets up for horizontal viewing and most signings I do are set up vertically. The main thing to do first is to cover the iPad screen from scratching – See Ghost Armor above. Covers basically comes down to personal preference.
Q: Should I have Apps pre-loaded or load them after I get it?
A: The ipad comes with about 19 built in apps and they do not preload apps for you. App Tip: Do not download all of the Apps your friends say to for business. I only use abouy 5 apps for business so don’t waste money on apps like printing apps etc. Schedule a training!
Q: What else should I know before purchasing?
A: Get Training  – Start with Basics to really enjoy it!
Client: I look forward to learning from you after I purchase.

Me: I look forward to helping you enjoy your iPad and actually make it a great tool for your business!



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