iPad Mini – Not for Business

by useyouriPad on November 1, 2012

The iPad mini is available. I think it is a great addition to the iPad lineup. It is just not the right tool for your business. Why? Simple answer – the screen will not allow you to review a full page document like you can on the full size iPads. Why is this important? It is important to go over documents in full size especially when having your client sign a contract or invoice. You do not want them to see only a portion of the document when signing it. I knew many people that jumped at the Blackberry tablet and became quickly disappointed by the size when using it for business.  Would you show your client a document printed on paper the size of the mini to save money on paper? No you wouldn’t. Do not take the cheap way out and use the iPad mini for business. Buy the iPad mini for your children or as a reader for your home use.

If you are not using the iPad to reduce your business printing costs and increase your office efficiencies – Call me to discuss your opportunities.

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