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by useyouriPad on August 19, 2011

Welcome to Useyouripad.com! My first month with iPad – Frustration. Now after 1 year and hours and hours of research and trial by error I can use my iPad PROFESSIONALLY in front of my clients and I use it for many personal things without being a nut!

I attended and watched iPad trainings where they “firehosed” the attendees with apps that I knew most people could not understand how to use unless trained. ¬†Useyouripad.com will bridge the gap between knowledge and use. We will provide personal training that will allow you to feel competent, comfortable and professional when USING your iPad. At home and on trips we will provide some fun apps to use as well. We look forward to assisting with your Journey on iPad. If you do not think you need training do you have the time set to your location? Do you have the proper security settings so your iPad information is not erased? Have you set the iPad so your children can’t see explicit music,movies and tv shows? Do you sign documents on the iPad? ¬†So much more! I guarantee you will get your moneys worth at any training that you attend.

– Scott Holland Owner

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