iPad Business Solutions

iPad Business Courses

Level 1 Basics for Business: $99

Course Description: This course will provide you with the basics to understand and use the iPad for daily business and personal use. 

Why? – It is amazing that our clients all think they know the basics and it becomes the class they learn they really need training!

• Know your iPad
• Learn features and tools on the iPad
• Learn each tool on the iPad
• Understand Core apps provided with the iPad to provide the basis for integrating new apps
• Organize your iPad for Business/Life
• Use Wi-Fi to your advantage
• Review and understand settings on your iPad
• Tips to work more efficiently
• Search for everything on your iPad quickly

Level 2  – Core iPad Uses for Business: $129

Course Description: This course will be tailored to assist you to develop the Core uses of the iPad for your business. 

  • E-Mail on the iPad
  • Safari – Organize and use on the iPad
  • Introduction to Business Productivity Apps on iPad – understand the tools you can use on the iPad
  • Learn to use Apps to store and transfer files on the iPad
  • Understand how to sign documents on the iPad

Level 3 Professional iPad Use for Business: $149

Course Description: This course will prepare you to use the iPad professionally and confidently with clients. It includes a consultation on how you want to use your iPad to reduce costs and increase professional service. 

  • Identify and learn how to use Business apps with clients
  • Learn & role-play the Apps that allow you to sign documents on the iPad
  • Develop strategy to use your business documents without printing
  • Make notes right on photos of repairs made and email them to clients
  • Identify Apps to provide clients with a professional organized approach to their interaction with your business
  • Contracts/Invoices on the iPad – How to get the contract to the iPad and how to sign the contract on the iPad. Role-play an entire contract signing.
  • Receive Payment on the iPad!
  • Identify areas of concern when using iPad in front of clients

Technical Set Up Service (Individual): $75. Just get your iPad or thinking of getting one? Call us and get an initial meeting to set up your iPad with your computer and phone to use with contacts, email and media. Call 602-399-3002 to Schedule.

Special Training Courses:

Call for pricing and appointment times to get specific training for your needs. 

– Professional Presentations on the iPad.
Ask if not on the list.

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