iPad Productivity – Personal or Business

The iPad can be a fantastic entertainment and lifestyle device but the productivity apps will save you time and money. Learn how to organize your iPad, create presentations, movies, navigate through the iPad faster and more efficiently. If you own a small business a home business, work for a large company or even a charity the iPad can help you reduce costs and increase professionalism and efficiencies.  Here are a few examples:

  1. Create and save documents, invoices and photos of jobs completed.
  2.  Sign the documents, invoices and write notes on the photos identifying the issues you fixed.
  3. Send the documents, invoices and photos to the office and clients without driving back to the office.
  4. Take payments directly on the iPad and have the customer sign the invoice authorizing the work completed or product purchased. The client will get the receipt emailed to them immediately.
  5. Utilize apps to send documents to representatives in the field.
  6. Learn how to utilize apps together in order to benefit from their strengths used as one.
Call us to discuss how we can provide specific, tailored training over and above the Basic and core courses that you will need to be productive on the iPad. Call Scott at 602-399-3002.

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