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The iPad for personal and family use is simply awesome! Many of started by buying an iPad for the family before we understood the business applications. For your personal and family enjoyment there is simply an app for every part of your life.

There are apps for Shopping Р Cooking РGames РEducation РSocial interaction РCommunications (email, phone and note) and only 100,000+ more to use to enhance your life.

Training for the iPad is one of the last things that I ever thought I needed until I found out that there were so many BASIC things that I needed to know! For Example:

  1. Setting the music and movies downloads so my kids could not download Explicit material.
  2. Setting the password codes correctly so my daughters friend does not erase all of our paid apps.
  3. Syncing the iPad correctly in order to get the REGULAR updates that fixes bugs and security issues.
  4. Saving hours of time using the calendar and mail apps and making sure they sync with my phone and computer.
  5. How to use Wi-Fi correctly so your security is not compromised.
We will review the basics with you in an hour and a half course designed to provide you with a foundation to understand and use the iPad for daily use while understanding the protections you need to take to secure the use by all of the family members. Please call us at 602-399-3002 to discuss setting up a Basics personal training session. Click here for more information.
Please call for personalized training sessions on apps such as Keynote, Pages or Photography on the iPad.
Learn how to really get your moneys worth on the iPad. I didn’t know what I didn’t know and now i save money everyday!

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Kathy McAlpin March 30, 2012 at 11:35 pm

Scott, totally enjoyed our class today (3-30-12). Learned a ton of stuff. I’d had a class or two already on iPad for business, but I learned even more today. Hoping that On-Q financial can swing you back to the west side before long for your advanced advance class…to learn the rest of the story.


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