A Real Estate Professional’s Perspective

As REALTORS® we are attacked with classes to “teach” us new ways to use technology in our businesses. I have been to almost all of them. It seems like the more information the trainers cram into your brain the more they think you will like their class. I call it “fire hose training”. It all sounds great – then reality. I get back to the office or out with my clients and I am not comfortable with using the ideas I was “trained” on. I use a little here and a little there but it is a struggle. I watched other people walk out of an iPad class recently and knew they could not use 90% of what was just discussed. After the 1-1 personal training I received I now use my iPad every day. I know it has helped me get at least one deal and I know it has saved me much more than the item cost by not printing plano’s etc. I also know that I am more professional in my client’s eyes than ever before. If you want to become more professional AND also use the iPad – take the class….SIGN UP HERE.

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